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The Bailach Cycle, Book 1: Matashara

The ability to manipulate Elements and Senses has always set Aurans apart, but Tatiana Sha’Taramathian is the first in millennia with the Talent to transport herself with the power of her voice. Her teacher believes she may become one of the most powerful Aurans Bailach has ever seen, if she can control her power… and stay out of trouble long enough to learn how.

But even as she struggles to master her Talents, the dark forces of the Brethren are hunting for her. Fearing her potential and the threat she poses to their plans to overthrow Eternity, they have unleashed the Daemehn, nightmare creatures created by the Shadow that will stop at nothing to find her.

Joining Tatiana are Eishen Maru, her stern guardian and mentor, with a secret identity known only to a few; Lucius Rovotny, Knight-General of Qovar, who seems to have many secrets of his own; and Grant Cahal, the dangerous and arrogant Third Prince, whose tragic past may pose the biggest threat of all.

The race is on for Tatiana and her companions to reach the safety of a hidden land that most believe exists only in myth, a journey that spans kingdoms and dimensions, chased by an enemy that seems to know their every move as soon as they do. And along the way, they must face the tangled history that ties them together before they are ready to accept the terrible destiny before them.

The fate of the world depends on it.